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The RTNG was started in February 2013 to offer a base of shared resources for Robloxian broadcasters, in an effort to offer more companies access to more tools to create better content. Since then, we’ve also become a force of our own in the industry, developing new technologies and promoting the industry, exploring the limitless bounds of Robloxian television’s potential. Every day, our services are used by many companies, inside and outside of the industry. Now, more than ever, the Robloxian television industry is coming into its own and becoming a force in Robloxia’s media landscape. The RTNG is on the leading edge of its expansion and development.

What we do

The RTNG serves a number of purposes within the Robloxian television industry. One of our biggest services is offering a platform for sharing of resources within the industry, offering opportunities for broadcasters to build on the combined talents of the industry’s members to create new and exciting projects and partnerships.

The RTNG has also developed new technologies to enhance the industry. Our major achievements to date include the launch of Robloxia’s first premium television service, roTV, the most popular choice for viewers and broadcasters alike, offering more channels and more content than any other platform; the connection of the Robloxian film and television industries through the RTNG Film and TV Cooperative; and the Robloxian Television Ratings System, to help better identify content appropriateness and to push content creation into new territories.

Since October 2015, the RTNG has expanded into the role of promoting the Robloxian television industry to a wider Robloxian audience. Through this, the RTNG aims to help expand the industry and improve upon its membership base by offering a gateway into the Robloxian television industry for interested newcomers. This will help the Robloxian television industry access new talent and strategic partnerships that will help expand and strengthen the industry. The group’s first major presentation was toward the popular Robloxiwood film industry, which led to the launch of the RTNG Film and TV Cooperative, to help encourage more development between the film and television industries.

In more recent times, the RTNG has continued to advance the Robloxian television industry, through initiatives and services like the semi-annual RTNG MediaCon media event, public broadcasting channel RTN1, and free-to-air platform Freeviewer.

Who we are

The RTNG is a dual-tiered cooperative alliance between a number of Robloxian television broadcasters. Our ranks include both the top broadcasters in the industry and fresh-faced startups alike.

Our Primary members are some of Robloxia’s top television broadcasters. Over the years, they’ve included Roblox Networks Television, Roblox’s oldest television company; rTV Networks, which in seven years has grown to become a television force with over a thirty high-quality channels; Lava Lamp Entertainment, one of the fastest-rising stars in Robloxian television ever, and a high-quality content producer; and Overtime Studios, the most recent company from longtime industry member AGavent.

Our Secondary members include many aspiring smaller broadcasters and amateur operations, each with a multitude of potential. These companies offer a number of channels and a range of different services throughout all aspects of Robloxian television broadcasting. For these broadcasters, we offer the tools, skills, and insight they need to improve their content and become better operations.