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What’s happening?

On July 9, 2018, Original Livestream will be officially discontinued and shut down as a platform. This means that all Robloxian television channels using Original Livestream to broadcast will have to move to another platform in order to continue broadcasting their channels, and to keep giving you the content you love. This is the HD Switchover.

What’s Original Livestream?

Original Livestream launched in 2007 as a video streaming platform designed as a “TV studio” model. The unparalleled level of control and functionality offered by Original Livestream made the service attractive for Robloxian television broadcasters for years. However, support for the platform stopped a few years ago, and the service’s poor image quality and reliance on the outmoded Adobe Flash standard has made it increasingly unsuitable for the modern TV environment. Now that support for the platform is officially ending, it’s time for broadcasters to move on from the platform that’s helped the industry for so many years and start bigger and better things elsewhere.

Where are my favorite shows and channels going?

Your favorite programs and TV channels will be migrating to brand-new streaming platforms over the next few months. This means that they will no longer be using the Original Livestream service, and may have changed the stream link or premium service channel number which they use to broadcast. You should ask the owners and broadcasters of your favorite channels and the premium television platform you use as to when their content will be made available on their new platform of choice, and how to access the new stream.

Is there anything that I need to do to be ready for the HD Switchover?

There is nothing you have to do to be ready for the HD Switchover, besides finding out from broadcasters and premium television providers their plans to move their channels away from Original Livestream. Be on the look out for posts and updates from channels and broadcasters as to when the new HD channels will be launching and what channel positions they’ll be in on your premium television provider, or what the new free-to-air stream link is, as applicable. Once you know where the channels are moving to, you’ll know exactly where to tune in and you’ll be ready for the HD Switchover.

What will happen to Original Livestream channels on July 9, 2018?

On July 9, 2018, Original Livestream will shut down and be discontinued as a platform. This means that channels running on Original Livestream will no longer be able to be viewed, either free-to-air or on premium television platforms. Because of this, the RTNG is encouraging broadcasters to move their channels to another platform well in advance of this date.

What changes will I see as a result of the HD Switchover?

In addition to continued access to your favorite Robloxian TV channels, you’ll also see a massive increase in image and sound quality, as the HD Switchover enables broadcasters to begin airing in high-definition. High-definition streaming allows broadcasters to air in up to 16x the image quality that they could on Original Livestream (comparison between 1920x1080 HD stream vs. 480x270 Original Livestream video). This means a dramatically higher-quality viewing experience.

Will the programming I watch change because of the HD Switchover?

The RTNG is working hard to ensure that you see as few changes as possible to the channels you currently enjoy; however, we cannot guarantee that things will be exactly as they were on Original Livestream due to limitations which may be apparent in any new platforms a broadcaster may choose. We suggest you discuss with the broadcaster themselves any concerns you may have about changes to programming resulting from this transition.

How do I know if I’m watching an Original Livestream channel or a brand-new HD channel?

If you’re watching a channel broadcasting through Original Livestream, you’ll see an opaque “Livestream” logo in the top-right corner. Channels with this logo will no longer be available after July 9, 2018, when the Original Livestream service shuts down. If you’re looking for a new HD channel while scrolling through channel listings, on your favorite premium television provider or elsewhere, look for channels with an “HD” affixed to their name or logo. If the channel doesn’t have an “HD” next to their name or logo and you’re unsure if it’s broadcasting in HD or not, tune in and look for the “Livestream” logo in the top-right corner. If you don’t see it, you’re watching a high-definition channel that’s ready for the HD Switchover.

How do I get my favorite channels in high definition?

Ask your favorite broadcasters or your premium television provider as to when they’ll launch and add channels available in high definition. Look for updates and announcements about when high-definition channels will go live.

What happens if some of my favorite channels switch to HD before July 9, 2018?

If it’s been announced that your favorite channels will move to HD prior to July 9, that’s okay – that means you’ll just be able to experience high-quality HD content on your favorite channels sooner. July 9, 2018 serves as the deadline, not the switchover date, for when all services must be broadcast on a new streaming platform.

What happens if some of my favorite channels don’t move from Original Livestream before July 9, 2018?

Channels which don’t move away from Original Livestream before July 9, 2018, will become unavailable and unviewable on that date, as the Original Livestream service shuts down.

What if I see two different versions of a channel I want to watch in my listings, one marked as “HD” and one not?

If you’re watching on a television service and notice that one channel is marked as “HD” and one isn’t in the channel listings, assume that the channel marked “HD” is the one offering content on a new broadcasting platform, and the channel not marked as “HD” being the channel still using Original Livestream.

I use a premium television service – will I be affected by the HD Switchover?

Viewers of premium television services will only be affected in the fact that new versions of Robloxian TV channels will ultimately replace the former Original Livestream versions. How this happens and on what timescale varies from broadcaster to broadcaster and from premium service to premium service.

I still use direct links for some channels I watch – how will I be affected by the HD Switchover?

If you still use direct links for some of the channels you watch, especially if they begin in “livestream.com” or “original.livestream.com”, you will be affected by the HD Switchover, as those links will not work after July 9, 2018, when the Original Livestream service and its streams are discontinued.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

If you have a general question about the HD Switchover not mentioned here, query the RTNG on Twitter using @theRTNG and hashtag #HDSwitchover. For questions about specific channels or broadcasters’ plans, discuss those issues with the broadcasters directly.

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