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JULY 26, 2017

It came as a surprise to me to hear that Adobe and many modern browsers would discontinue support and development of Adobe Flash Player at the end of 2020. Given that so many Robloxian television channels use Flash Player, through Original Livestream, to operate their channels, this saddened me and many others at the RTNG. Without Flash support, many Robloxian television channels, from the biggest channels to the smallest startups, would be simply unable to operate. We had seen this coming from afar for a while, as Original Livestream, as a service, had been declining over the past few years, and we were already concerned about moving to a new platform. The now-pending discontinuation of Flash Player, which Original Livestream is based on, only adds to this grave urgency.

Therefore, from this point on, we’re expanding our efforts to future-proof the Robloxian television industry and ensure that it can survive, as intact as possible, and that the discontinuation of Flash will impact our industry as minimally as possible. Our goals over the next few years to do this will be to find a new platform and/or workflow which allows broadcasters to work in a similar way as they did previously with Original Livestream; migrate and transition channels, broadcasters, and viewers to these new services, and finally to deprecate our own use of Original Livestream altogether, leaving broadcasters to decide what to do specifically with their channels on that service, if they have any (for example, shutting them down in advance of the 2020 end date or operating them until then as simulcasts of services on other platforms).

In addition to our main goal of protecting the industry, we’d also like to improve it, and this period could also be used as a time to introduce high-definition broadcasting to the Robloxian television industry for the first time. High-definition Robloxian television would not only bring great improvements to picture quality on Robloxian television channels, but it would also allow broadcasters to better utilize their workflows, which already produce HD-ready content.

As broadcasters, the discontinuation of Flash Player threatens the majority of our broadcasting ecosystem. And due to this, it is our duty to protect the future of our industry, and to improve upon our system when possible. At this unstable time, we need to place the utmost focus on saving the Robloxian television industry as we know it, as this will be a task more important than anything else we do as broadcasters, creators, and as players.


Founding Primary Member, Roblox Television Networks Group


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