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DECEMBER 1, 2016

As many of you may know, over the past few weeks, the websites of the Roblox Television Networks Group, and its premium television service, roTV, have been the victims of a series of hacks by what appear to be a series of random, roving internet hackers attacking various hosting servers. These hacks were circumstances beyond our control, but to the users of these websites, we at the RTNG apologize for the downtime that these hacks have caused.

As a leading coalition of many Robloxian television companies, and an important name in the industry, we at the RTNG understand that you expect better from us. And we believe that you deserve better from us, and we hope that we can offer you a better experience through all we do.

This is, of course, a critical and important time for the industry. The holidays are upon us, and many companies are already looking towards the future and what developments may come in the new year. The RTNG is working towards bringing you a great MediaCon to kick off 2017. And of course, the process of running a Robloxian TV channel or company is a day-to-day, non-stop exercise. These hacks were inconvenient and untimely for both us here at the RTNG, as well as for you, the many people in the industry, who couldn’t access our website for information on MediaCon, or to watch content on roTV.

Of course, if you’re reading this, we have taken steps to rectify the problems, and we believe that a problem like the ones which have occurred recently won’t happen again. We have discontinued our use of a key service that we were previously using to bring you both websites, and have transferred our content to a different provider. We believe that this new provider will offer a greatly improved service, and will allow us to do the same as well.

Once again, we here at the Roblox Television Networks Group are deeply sorry for the interruptions of our service which have occurred due to the interference of outside forces. We believe we have rectified the issue on our side to the fullest extent that we can, and we hope that no similar incidents occur in the future.


Primary Founding Member, Roblox Television Networks Group