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In February 2015, the Roblox Television Networks Group launched a breakthrough in Robloxian television broadcasting and distribution, with the launch of the roTV premium television service. RoTV created a brand new platform for Robloxian broadcasters, allowing them to offer more choice for viewers, and uniting most major Robloxian television output into one place. Since its launch, roTV has expanded to offer over one hundred and fifteen channels from Robloxia’s best broadcasters, including all the major free-to-air channels, a number of exclusive channels, and a variety of offerings from television companies both big and small. Paired with roPlay, the service’s on-demand offering, and the only listings guide available in the industry, roTV has proven to innovate the television field in a way never seen before.

RoTV’s user interface is simple, intuitive, and sleek-looking. Visiting the homepage, you can instantly see the premium feel of the service. The unrivalled choice of viewing options shows that roTV isn’t just a pretty face. Since its launch, roTV has been a pioneering and powerful platform for broadcasters and viewers alike. No one else in the industry offers a service with as much choice, as much depth, and as much availability as roTV does. It took over two years of development to create roTV, it shows in how well the platform has been received, setting the standard for what premium television can be, and prompting the release of a number of competing platforms over the years, none of which could match up to the selection roTV offers.

The bar was raised once again with the launch of roTV v2.0 in September 2017, the first major redesign to the service since its launch. Featuring a larger, more immersive viewing experience, new features such as channel suggestions and genre-based sorting, and improvements to the service across the board, roTV continues to set the standard and the pace to beat in premium television. With the v2.0 update, roTV also became the first, and remains the only, premium television platform to carry over 100 channels.

RoTV is a breakthrough Robloxian innovation created by the RTNG that’s helped push Robloxian television forward in a major and lasting way.

Visit the roTV website at rotv.tk >